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NACU, Anna Clarisse S.


LEADER: NACU, Anna Clarisse S.

Assistant LEADER / Technical Person: PIANO, Jose Paolo P.

SECRETARY: ONG, Jessica Mae C.





NUCUM, Daryl John L.

NAVAL, Ruel V.

NAVARRO, Richard S.




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  3. The meeting place is in School Pavilion.
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TQM Topic Outline:

  1. Preliminaries

a. Title Page

b. Acknowledgment

c. Table of Contents

   2. Content

              Executive Summary


I. Problem Statement

      a. Major Problems

      b. Minor Problems

II. Root Causes of the Problem

III. Fish bone Diagram

IV. Recommendation and Benefits

V. Implementation Plan

VI. Survey Results


a. Survey

b. Information from FEU Enrollment Process

TQM Paper Outline and the group member responsible to do it

Introduction - ONG, Jessica Mae

Problem statement & Major problems - NACU, Anna Clarisse & ORILLA, Therese

Minor problems & Root causes of the problem - NUCUM, Daryl & MENDOZA, Nicole

Fish Bone Diagram & Recommendation and Benefits - NAVAL, Ruel & SIBAL, Jaal

Implementation Plan & Survey - NAVARRO, Richard & PIANO, Paolo

G. You researches and final work regarding your part in the paper

Problem Statement:

The following are the problems encountered during enrollment:

On Student’s Enrollment

  • Slow process rate of scheduling for irregular students.

        Due to the massive irregular students the time consuming really affects specially when a student took a lot of his/her time on choosing his/her schedules.

  • The computer system doesn’t response very quickly.

         During that time all of the computers in the offices are working and probably the speed process is very much affected.

  • Credited subjects sometimes appear on the system as not credited.

        If this problem happens the students will face another long process just to solve the issue.

  • Pay the organization fee before you get the COR.

        Organization fees are costly and why not charge the student a week after or even a month after because the students had just payed thier tuition fees.

On Post Enrollment:

  • Small section



Nicanor Reyes St., Sampaloc, Manila


Jessica Mae C. Ong

(Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management)

A Paper Submitted on Partial Fulfillment

For the Course Requirements in

TQMGTB – Total Quality Management

Submitted by:

NACU, Anna Clarisse S.

PIANO, Jose Paolo P.

ONG, Jessica Mae C.

MENDOZA, Nicole Louise G.

ORILLA, Therese C.

SIBAL, Jaal N.

NUCUM, Daryl John L.

NAVAL, Ruel V.

Submitted to:

Prof. Sofronio Dulay

February 2011


1.       Preliminaries

a.       Title Page            …………………………………………………………….. page 1

b.      Acknowledgement    ………………………………………………………….. page 2

c.       Table of Contents      ………………………………………………………….. page 3

2.       Content

Executive Summary        ……………………………………………………………….. 1

Introduction                      ……………………………………………………………….. 2

        I.    Problem Statement    ………………………………………………………..3

a. Major Problems            ……………………………………………………………… 5

b.      Minor Problems    …………………………………………………………………… 6

      II.  Root Causes of the Problem   ……………………………………………………….. 7

    III.   Fish Bone Diagram        …………………………………………………………. 9

    IV.   Recommendation and Benefits…………………………………………………….. 10

      V.  Implementation Plan  …………………………………………………………….. 12

    VI.   Survey Results   ……………..……………………………………………………. 15


A.      Survey Results 

B.      Information from FEU Enrollment Process


Proposed Quality Improvement on the ITHM Enrollment Process aims to establish new set of procedures that can enhance the enrollment process within the school. Staring off, the researchers have presented in the problem statement the several issues that had something to do with the slow process of enrollment process. The problems are then divided to two- Major and Minor. It was classified according to the severity of the problems mentioned. Majority of them consisted of the students problems.

The statement of the problems must have root causes. The researchers have put several causes of problems. Statements have been put there, that of course, where the enrollment process begin. The problems are also graphically represented, in the Fishbone Diagram at the next page. There, it will be seen that the classification of root problems all causes the poor enrollment process of ITHM, which is the main issue in the research paper.


The Far Eastern University aims to be a private university of choice in Asia. It is a nonsectarian, private university in the Philippines. It takes pride in its eminent founder who was educated in the United States and who teamed up with excellent academics to establish what would eventually become one of the prominent universities in the Philippines. The Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management of Far Eastern University (FEU ITHM) is the newest institute in the university. The institute offers the BS Tourism Management and BS Hotel and Restaurant Management; both courses were in the Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance, the BS Tourism Management for 10 years and BS Hotel and Restaurant Management for 3 years. The BS Tourism Management program provides management related courses as applied in tourism related establishments. The program develops future tourism professional with practical and applied competencies needed in travel agencies or tour operations, airlines, cruise ships, land transportation, resorts, restaurants, hotels, and other tourism related organizations. The BS Hotel and Restaurant Management program focuses on culinary arts; food services; hotel, restaurant, resorts, and club management and operations. The program prepares future chefs, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and resort and club managers. The Far Eastern University produces an intelligent and a highly competitive individual when it comes to Tourism Management graduates because one of the fastest growing industries in the country is the tourism and hospitality industry. It is a 4-year degree program and an inspiring, exciting, fast paced course.


The study intends to develop, organize and manage problems arising from Far Eastern University’s Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management particularly on the Tourism and HRM Department.  Specifically problems from which are enumerated on the following:

On the enrollment system:

1.    The slow and non systematic enrollment procedure

Long queue for enrolling makes it hard for the students to enroll on the day specified and they usually end up going back on the next day just to discover that they will need to repeat the process all over again.  And because of this, they tend to lose their patience because of non-systematic procedure of the enrollment.  Students are having a hard time following the instructions because sometimes it is not being followed. They don’t specify the instruction that the students must do.

The schedule for enrollment of each batch of enrollees is by level or year.  Usually the regular students are also being prioritized along with processing the irregular students’ enrollment but since often this could bring system failure they should strictly implement the schedule of each year level and student type.

2.    The lack of Manpower

It is an essential factor why there is no organized process on the department whenever it is enrollment day.  They do not have enough people to entertain the needs of the students and their questions.  That is why many students are having trouble when it comes to enrolling especially if they have problems regarding their subjects and grades.  Another is that of time management and time punctuality, the department should be strictly operated on time.

3.    Wrong sequence of process

The current enrollment system prohibits students to go on with the enrollment without paying first on the cashier.  “Pay first before enrollment policy” and because of this, they tend to lose good schedules and will get what is left out.  They had to experience long vacancy of their schedule.  Sometimes, they will need to experience closure of needed subject and take it the next semester.

4.    Lack of information regarding the enrollment process

They do not provide specific place where they can put the information needed by irregular students to proceed in the enrollment.  This is simply because there is no posted information on any bulleting for the students to follow.  And this causes the enrollment to proceed in a slow phase.  And even those who are in charge of the enrollment are confused with the process of to where to proceed on different case like scheduling, SRP cases, and etc.  And even if there is provided information to follow, it is always change and not updated.


1.    Students who have failing grades are usually the ones who experience delay in enrolling.

Students who failed their subjects are required to undergo the process of SRP (Student Retention Policy), without this process they are not allowed to enroll for the semester.

2.    Students experience long lines due to lack of person who assists on enrollment.

Students usually wait for hours to be assisted because of the large population of student who are enrolling on the same date and all of the year level of the course. 

3.    There are some subjects that do not appear credited on the system.

There are subject that are have different subject code because of the change of the curriculum for the school year or because the subject had been crossed enroll in other institute in the University.

4.    Some students have not yet paid the organizational fee.

Every institute charges every student the organizational fee.  On ITHM, each student is charged 350 pesos.  Some forget that the organizational fee is a part of the enrollment process where the certification of registration is required for the students to know their entire schedule enrolled for the semester.


1.     Students are waiting for a long hour of fall in line before they choose their schedule.

The reason why students are waiting for a long hour because some students who already got their schedule wants to change section.  Coordinators should not allow the students to change sections unless the reason is valid because the other students are affected with the scheduling of the semester.

2.    The school policy with the “First Come, First Serve” basis

We all know that FEU implemented already the “First come, first serve” with the enrollment process.  But during the enrollment process the security guards and other staffs who are involved with the enrollment are not following the rules given by FEU.  The enrollment process takes long hours because they are not implementing the rules and regulation for the students who are enrolling for the semester. They just continue accommodating the students who comes late with the enrollment.

3.    ITHM Officers have their favoritisms to students.

Some officers are helping their friends to be on the first line of the enrollment.  They have their own favoritism and they will help them during the enrollment process to get a good schedule and to have an easy way of enrolling.  They are not following the enrollment procedure because they don’t take the steps because of the officers. Other students are affected with the wrong doings of the officers during the enrollment time.


On manpower

·         Lack of available staffs or schedulers

They don’t provide enough staffs to accommodate the students who will enroll. They do not have enough people to entertain the needs of the students and their questions of as to where to process the SRP, scheduling and etc.

·         Available cashier staffs

Mostly every time I have to pay for something I have to face this long lines because of just few windows are able to take payments and able to accommodate students specially on enrollment days, this is the major problem that enrollees facing.

On the method processes

·         Pay first before enrollment policy

The current enrollment system prohibits students to go on with the enrollment without paying first on the cashier. “Pay first before enrollment policy” and because of this, they tend to lose good schedules and will get what is left out.

·         Complicated enrollment procedures

It comes to procedures in the enrollment or methods to follow, it seems the instructions are not systematic, that is why most of the students got confused where to go after paying their tuition fees.

·         Implementation of schedules by levels and types of students

The student’s level and years should be categorized and implemented better and should be prioritized, to avoid system failure and further postponements of the enrollment process.

Mostly re scheduling are very hard in FEU especially on HRM and tourism students.

On materials

·         Lack of information regarding the enrollment process

They do n0ot provide specific place where they can put the information needed by the irregular students to proceed in the enrollment. Even if there is provided information to follow, it is always changed and not updated.

On the machines

·         Old computers are still being used

Most of the time, the computer system used in the enrollment process does not seem to work out properly, especially when it comes to encoding the section or schedules of the students. The old computers sometimes results to technical problems which causes delay in enrollment.


*slips in the queue


*ability to reliably update data and take actions


MACHINE Old computer are still being used

MANPOWER Lack of staffs Fails to implement practice of punctuality among its employees

MATERIALS  Lack of information Regarding the enrollment Process in bulletin boards

METHODS   Complicated Enrollment process Wrong sequence of process


             Here are the recommendations together with its benefits. Also to address the major and minor problems.

ITHM Enrolment Process



At the present time, the enrolment process at the ITHM department still needs time to mature and be able to implement better ways to improve the overall flow of the enrolment process.

a. Slow process rate of scheduling for irregular students.

b. The computer system doesn’t respond very quickly.

c. Credited subjects sometimes appear on the system as not credited.

d. Paying the organization fee before you get your COR.

Problems encountered by the students on the ITHM Enrolment Process.

1. Long lines in getting your SRP

2. Having to come back for 2 – 3 days just to finish the whole enrolment process.

3. Certain students are given special treatments from professors that they know.

4. Special treatments given to foreign students.

5. Confusion about the Foreign Language subject.

Aside from all the ideas implemented by the ITHM department, we come up with some new ideas which we believe that will change the way the enrolment process flows, in a good way.

a. With more help from professors, the rather slow process will be improved and more irregular students will have their schedules before the semester starts. They must assist the students during the enrolment process and they must not agree with the changing of sections of the students who are already enrolled because it takes time for them assisting and changing the sections.

b. Changing the interface of the program that they use will help to lessen the time of the overall process.

c. The department should double check every student academic file found in the registrars office and record any changes made from the past semesters.

d. With the help of the ITHM student council, they can explain where does the whole funding go, and how do they manage it for 1 semester. They can also bring it down a little bit for the students’ sake.

1. They can use more help from professors that is willing to assist in the enrolment process.

2. They can minimize the overall enrolment period by setting up more than one computer lab, so the lines will be divided into two.

3. They department should hold a meeting and raise this issue, and brief every professors that it is ok to be friends with students but giving special treatment is too much.

4. The department should put an end to this once and for all, by not letting foreigners wear incomplete uniforms, or giving them more attention at the enrolment process. By doing this, the foreign students will learn how to do things all by themselves which promotes self growth.

5. They should change the subject code of the said subject. And should put what language is taken by every section, so further confusions will be prevented.







Revision of old document through manpower

Presentation of the Improved Enrollment System

Approval of the Improved System

Initial Meeting

Allocation of Staffs Training of Staffs (for system encoding and posting)

Testing Implementation

Post Project Evaluation

Program Head and Coordinator of the Tourism Department

Institute Dean, VPAA, Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Tourism Dept. & TOMSOC Officers

Tourism Department

3rd week of March

4th to 1st week of April

2nd week of April

3rd week of April

2nd week of May

Labor cost reduction by

Php 30,250.00 =

Php 41,250.00 – 11,000.00

Faculty members:

minimum x personnel x days

375 x 10 x 11 = 41,250.00

Tourism Management officers

Food allowance x personnel x days

100/day x 11 = food allowance






Revision of the Materials

Presentation of the Revised Enrollment Process

Approval of the Improved Enrollment System

Initial Meeting

Printing and Approval for Posting


Post Project Evaluation

Program Head and Coordinator of the Tourism Department

Institute Dean, VPAA, Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Tourism Dept.

Tourism Department

3rd week of March

4th week of March to 1st of April

2nd week of April

3rd week of April

4th week of April

2nd week of May






Revision of old enrollment process

Presentation of the Revised Enrollment Process

Approval of the Improved Enrollment Process

Initial Meeting

Implementation of Approved System


Post Project Evaluation

Program Head and Coordinator of the Tourism Department

Institute Dean, VPAA,

Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Tourism Department

Tourism Department

3rd week of March

4th week of April

2nd week of April

4th week of April

2nd week of May


Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Nicanor Reyes St., Sampaloc, Manila

Name (optional):       ______________________________________

Age: ___________     Gender: ___________           Year: _________

1.    Were you enrolled during the 2nd Semester, AY 2011-2012?

_______ YES

_______ NO

2.    How you were able to know when is your schedule of enrollment?

_______ Online

_______ Bulletin Board

_______ Students

_______ Others (Pls. specify: ___________)

3.    Do you experience problems in enrollment process?

_______ Yes

_______ No

4.    Are you aware of the other methods on how you can enroll?

_______ Yes

_______ No

5.    Are you aware of the online enrollment for the regular students?

_______ Yes

_______ No

6.    If implemented by FEU, are you willing to take the online enrollment as a regular student?

_______ Yes

_______ No

7.    Are you aware the officers have their favoritism?


_______ No

8.    Does the department implement the “First Come, First Serve” basis during enrollment?

_______ Yes

_______ No

9.    Do you have any recommendations, suggestions or reactions you might want to say to the FEU Management?


Thank you for your consideration and time given to us in filling out this survey.